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Hello. I'm an Advertising Creative Director, Art Director and Designer. Over the last 25+ years I've enjoyed working in many great agencies, winning awards and learning my trade from inspirational creatives such as Sir John Hegarty, Nick Gill, Mark Reddy, Alex Grieve & Adrian Rossi, Tim Delaney, Nigel Roberts and Russell Ramsey among many others.


As a Creative Director I have managed the might of Braun globally, working with, and guiding a tight harmonious team both within Grey London and also with partner agencies. Delivering holistic campaigns for Braun's biggest product launches to date.


As a Creative I've happily and successfully worked in both large and small agencies, winning pitches, retaining large pieces of business and producing highly successful campaigns across a wide variety of media.


I believe in simple but powerful ideas, beautifully executed in the most relevant media.


My work has been recognised in numerous award schemes across a wide variety of accounts including PlayStation, British Airways, Barnardo’s and Johnnie Walker.


They say I am both 'good and nice'. But don't take my word for it, here's a few kind words from Alex Grieve (CCO at AMV BBDO):


"Bill Bernbach once said – ‘it’s not enough to be good, you have to be nice as well’.


Sadly, Chris fails on both counts. He’s very good and very nice. It’s enough to make you sick.


But if you can get past that you’ll find Chris a great addition to any creative department.


Of course he can do the good stuff. That should be evident from his portfolio. But he can also turn even the most desperate red-headed, buck teethed stepchild of a brief into something presentable. And that’s the sign of someone really good. Basically he’s a pro. He does this through excellent craft skills, attention to detail and in this new, ever changing world with old-fashioned virtues of hard graft. And he does it all with an unassuming modesty and quiet humour.


Hire him. He’ll make you and your agency look really clever. And good. Very good."

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